At Tava, we believe in investing in our teachers. At Tava, we want experienced teachers who are looking for a community. A home. We want our teachers to have passions and ideas that they can bring to Tava so we can support them on their life’s journey.

Why would we do this? Not only do we want stellar teachers, but we want happy teachers. A positive environment with happy teachers is the only kind of yoga studio worth being a part of.

  • What we expect:
    • Yoga Alliance Certified
    • Insured
    • A teacher who also regularly practices yoga
    • A teacher who can respect and appreciate all styles of yoga and teaching
  • What you can expect:
    • Fully paid health insurance for individuals. Buy up family options are available. To qualify, you must work at Tava Yoga for at least thirty days and be regularly scheduled to work 20 hours per week. A one hour class counts as two hours of work. We will have opportunities for front desk, cleaning and management.
    • Paid training of up to $1,500 per year. You will need to average 8 hours of work per week for six months.
    • We will promote and support your interests!


At Tava we want to bring yoga to everyone including people who may not have access to it. Our Community outreach program is designed to accomplish this by connecting new teachers who need experience with places that have people that would otherwise not be able to practice yoga. You can commit to as little as one hour per month!

You will need to be yoga alliance certified and insured.

Contact us to get matched up with opportunities in your area.  

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